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The Council was established for the purpose of registration and control of persons practising the profession of contractors in the category of Building and Civil Engineering in Cyprus and at the same time it provides for the establishment of professional contractors in the industry, and consequently for the protection of the public.

The Council for the Registration and Control of Contractors was established pursuant to the Registration and Control of Contractors Law of 1973 which was put into force in 1982. In accordance with the relevant legislation (Law 29 (1) /2001), there exist two categories of contractors: Building and Civil Engineering. In each category there is a distinction of five classes. Every contractor is classified based on the academic qualifications and experience of the applicant (or Technical Director in case of a company), the current value of their mechanical equipment and the academic qualifications and experience of their technical personnel.

All Contractors shall be registered in the records of the Council and they are only entitled to undertake and execute projects which fall under their own category and class, provided that they are holders of a renewed annual licence for the particular class of projects.

In case of infringement of the relevant legislation, legal measures shall be taken and, apart from the Contractor himself, the Owner of the Project, as well as the Supervising Engineer or Architect of the Project may be penally prosecuted.

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